Congratulations on your engagement! Thank you for considering Knox-Metropolitan United for your wedding. We are honored and can’t wait to discuss the details with you.

Please see below for some of our frequently asked questions, and read our marriage brochure found below and then contact us to begin planning.

Please note that, due to concerns around COVID-19, there are currently restrictions to all gatherings. Please contact us at for more information about planning your wedding at Knox Metropolitan United Church.

How many people can fit in your church?

  • We can accommodate groups from 5 to 941.

Do I (or my partner) need to be a member with Knox-Met?

  • No. Membership with Knox-Met is not required.

Will you perform same gender marriages?

  • Yes! Knox-Met United welcome LGBTQ* people to our congregation, and are pleased to perform same gender marriages.

Do I (or my partner) need to be Christian to be married at Knox-Met?

  • While we believe that marriage is a sacred covenant, we understand that many people do not hold membership in a particular faith.  Knox-Met is a beautiful space that many—even those outside of the Christian tradition—want to celebrate in.  Christian symbols may be present in the sanctuary, but discuss your preferences with our minister when you begin planning.

Are you open to creative ceremonies?

  • Yes! We are very open to creative and thoughtful ceremonies and are well known for our care and support. We will help you create a one-of-a-kind of ceremony that will be remembered.

Can we have an outdoor ceremony?

  • Yes! We are flexible. Please contact us to discuss further.

Can we decorate the sanctuary?

  • The Knox-Met sanctuary has a lot of natural beauty, however flowers or candles can certainly add.  If you have other ideas for decorations, please discuss this with us.

Learn more about getting married at Knox-Met in our brochure.