At Knox-Metropolitan United Church we believe that we are all born to love and are surrounded by love. Baptism is a sacred act. It is an act of welcoming, blessing and belonging that initiates persons into the Church, the Body of Christ. Baptism is a celebration of God’s love — the love that calls us into being, adding fullness to our lives.

In infant/child baptism we celebrate the gift of new life. In adult baptism we celebrate the seekers who desire to enter into the life, work, fellowship and mission of the congregation in a deeper way. Both infant/child and adult baptisms proclaim the unconditional love of God!

Please note that, due to concerns around COVID-19, there are currently restrictions to all gatherings. Please contact us at for more information about planning your baptism at Knox Metropolitan United Church.


What promises will I be making if I baptize my child?

  • Will you provide for [child’s name] a welcoming home of love and trust?
  • Will you help [child’s name] grow in their understanding and appreciation of faith?
  • Will you encourage [child’s name] to reach out to others with love & compassion?

When do baptisms take place?

  • At Knox-Met we celebrate the joy and gift of water, and the unconditional love of God through Baptism several times a year during regular Sunday worship services.

Do I/we have to be members of Knox-Metropolitan United Church to have our child baptized there?

  • At Knox-Met it is not necessary to be a member of our congregation for a child or adult to be baptized.

If you were confirmed in, or are on the membership roll of another church, you may wish to transfer your membership to Knox-Met at this time. If you do not have a church connection, we invite you to consider joining our church family.  We believe that for baptism to be most meaningful, the child and parents, or adult who chooses to be baptized, should bond with our faith community so we can fulfill our baptismal promise – to nurture the child or adult being baptized and to support them in their faith journey.

What are the next steps?

If you are interested in being baptized or baptizing your child, please contact the church office at 306-525-9128 or by emailing Knox-Met.

Learn more about getting baptized at Knox-Met in our brochure.