Special Programs

Special Programming | More than Just Sundays…

Attend a show or a lecture; drop in and walk the Labyrinth or meditate in the Chapel; take a multi-week course or a stand-alone workshop!

At Knox-Metropolitan United Church we’re about making connections through holding space for conversations that matter, beautiful music, and embodied spirituality. While many of these things happen during our Sunday Morning Services, we offer a wide variety of programming in addition. You can find out about what’s coming soon through our Events page, where you’ll find up-to-date information about the things listed here, and much more.

Concerts – Our Sanctuary is one of Regina’s premier venues for classical and choral music, and you’ll find beautiful performances from such groups as The Regina Philharmonic Chorus, The Halcyon Chamber Choir, The South Saskatchewan Youth Orchestra, Per Sonatori Baroque Ensemble, and occasionally The Regina Folk Festival, and The Regina Symphony Orchestra.

Knox-Talks Annual Public Lecture – Each winter we host a public talk by an engaging speaker seeking to provoke and invite ‘conversations that matter’. Past lectures have been delivered by Dr. Blair Stonechild (Understanding Indigenous Spirituality), and Wendy Lynn-Leratt (Changing the Conversation on Climate Change).

Expansive and Embodied Spirituality – These activities offer opportunities to move beyond attending service, singing songs, or speaking prayers and push to the margins of the Christian Tradition, finding affinity with other faiths and participating in shared practices. Contemplative Prayer, Feldenkrais, Yoga, Walking the Labyrinth, Christian Animism and Druidism, and exploring the Enneagram are just some examples.

Unpacking the Christian Tradition – The Christian Tradition can be complicated, it emerged in another time and place, out of another culture’s own assumptions and worldview. We offer spaces to ask questions, and question answers through book studies, guest speakers, and more.

Reconciliation and Justice – As part of the United Church of Canada, one of the denominations that was instrumental in the Residential School System, we feel a real responsibility to own this history, lamenting and mourning what was done by our ancestors in faith and recognizing that we benefit from these deplorable actions. We feel called to action and seek to make space for folks to consider our individual and collective calls through hosting Kairos Blanket Exercises, supporting the work of the RIIS Cemetery Project, learning from Elders and Activists, and co-hosting the Unsettling Ideas Book Club in partnership with the Saskatchewan Writers Guild.

Find out specifics about our upcoming events and specific programs for Children and Families.